Monthly Archives: April 2017

1st Iron Pour at GoggleWorks!

This was the first of an annual iron pour event at GoggleWorks in collaboration with Albright College.  My cupola was relocated to GoggleWorks to offer this unique event, with a morning workshop introducing the basics of sand casting.

Aside from the workshop, iron and coke (refined coal) had to be broken to a certain size for proper operation of the furnace.  James and Scott are busting up a house full of old stream radiators and its boiler in the second to last image.

The staff at GoggleWorks were the real heroes, as I was the only one with metal casting experience; but they handled things like a pro and all the molds were poured!


Plaster Project Critique

The plaster project utilized found plastic forms, casting multiples of the same shape out of plaster.  Students then has to drill, glue and/or bolt together the numerous cast pieces into a work to be displayed either by wall, ceiling, floor or pedestal.