Visit to Smooth On/Reynolds Advanced Materials in Macungie, PA!

My upper level Sculpture class went to the “Smooth-On” factory and showroom (Reynolds Advanced Materials) on a short filed trip.  Smooth-On is a producer of silicon and urethane rubbers and plastics for architectural to special effects; aside from many other applications.

Once you enter building (before the showroom) you are greeted by two big dragons, accompanied by sound effects, lights and smoke.  Also, the floor was cast by the employees using Smooth-On products.  LED lights were embedded floor to give a lava like appearance.

We toured the the plant (sorry no photos) and everything was extremely clean!  A lot of stainless steel holding and mixing tanks throughout the complex.  There was also an area that the employees used for making displays, catalog examples and their own work.

At the end of our tour we ended back at the showroom, exploring all the treasures of any type of castable or moldable material you could think of.  As most products had examples, the corral in the fish tank was also a Smooth-On product.

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