Results from the Iron Pour

Three examples from the fall Iron Pour.  In the preparation post (before the pour) you can see a couple of the students making the molds for their  castings.  The one gallon oil jug that was cast solid, very heavy and all the detail from the side measurements came out in the casting.  Student then painted imagery on both sides of the casting and clear coated the entire work.

[supsystic-gallery id=9 position=center]

This casting is a perfect example of early production metal casting in a two-part sand mold.  Meaning, the top knife is made out of wood, in metal casting terms is called a “pattern.”  The bottom is the finished result in iron, but is visibly smaller that the original.  This is because iron has .5 to 2% shrink rate from molten to solidified state aside from the finish work the removed a certain portion of the casting.

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