Bronze Pour for IX Arts Conference

An international fantasy/realism group call IX Arts was in town for their annual conference and was looking to have a bronze casting demonstration.

We conducted the pour right outside of the Sculpture Studio at Albright College, with a shuttle running between the conference and campus.

A couple of weeks before the pour, I pulled a rubber mold from an Albright Lion; originally in the form of butter (food).

From that, I cast a a number of copies in wax to make a sand mold.  We cast a number of molds in either sand or ceramic shell, pouring the bronze around 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit.

[supsystic-gallery id=58 position=center]

The mold had some flashing around the castings, but that was easy enough to remove. The other casting was maybe not as glamorous as artwork.  It was a replacementI handle for my sand mixer…the original rapid prototyping!


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