My work stems from past, present and future themes concerning communication, technology and manufacturing.  My desire is to inform the viewer of these procedures and substances in our lives, which may have been overlooked or disregarded.  This is due to the constant bombardment of information through numerous forms of media, leaving us numb from their unrelenting persistence.  To contemplate, challenge, and possibly accept these findings compels me to create with these bygone implements.

With the ever-increasing speed and advancement at which manufacturing renders current products obsolete.  We forget that with each cycle, new products are supplied within ever-increasing pace from their prior distribution.  We, as a society, demand and expect these modern conveniences to continuously evolve whether the advancements are necessary.

Together, with these fleeting technologies, imagery, Electroacoustic audio, video and interactive electronics, my work presents new meaning to not only a found object on a pedestal, but for viewer interaction of the work and reflection upon the issues presented. 

Drawing inspiration from Duchamp, Oldenburg, Koons, and Hamilton, I find the domestic object engaging and instrumental in its substance.  Not, only as an entry point for the viewer, but that it will transcend the understanding of the object’s original function. With the union of these elements, it is my wish to create a greater experience while avoiding estrangement.  Through the tactile quality of an object, social commentary and interactive experience I invite the viewer to look past the initial for greater comprehension.

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